Pablo Escobar’s Grave

Pablo Emilio Escobar’s family grave
Pablo Emilio Escobar’s grave is certainly a site of interest for those visiting Medellin, though curiously it was not listed in Lonely Planet’s 2006 Colombia guidebook. The tourism industry in Medellin, and Colombia in general, is still in it’s infancy, so it currently falls upon the intrepid traveler to track down sights of interest.

The Escobar family grave

The grave of the infamous and ruthless Medellin Cartel leader rests in an idyllic setting at Cemetario Jardins Montesacro in Itagui. He was shot and killed by police while trying to escape on the rooftop of a safe house on December 2, 1993.

Fernando Botero’s depiction of Pablo Escobar’s death
On one of Medellin’s typically beautiful, warm and sunny days, I took the metro to Itagui, and asked a cab driver to take me to Pablo Escobar’s grave. Along the way, though he spoke little English, the driver was able to communicate his father worked for Pablo Escobar, and made a lot of money.

The cemetery looked pleasant, and the driver walked me to the Escobar family grave which was clearly well maintained.  The Don is buried along with his parents and a few children.

A Colombian couple was there, though I couldn’t tell if they were curious like me or paying their respects.  Maybe both.  Pablo Escobar was something of a Robin Hood, using his drug money to build homes for the poor and employ them as well.  Judging from the uptake of his grave, complete with fresh flowers, he is still revered by some in the region.

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